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Can I configure the visuals and UX of the chat box?
Comprehensive guide for customizing various aspects of the AskHandle chat box, including greetings, contact messages, company name, logo, theme color, positioning, input forms, header and chat titles, start button settings, avatar, autopilot mode, auto-popup, sound alerts, and more, allowing users to tailor the chat box to match their brand and preferences effectively.
What Are Customer Profiles from Conversations?
AskHandle creates customer profiles upon user engagement, storing contact details and various data points like referral source, device, and geolocation, with seamless integration options available for CRM systems such as Salesforce and HubSpot.
How to install Askhandle chat box?
Installing AskHandle on your website is a straightforward process: just log in to your AskHandle account, navigate to the Installation section, and copy the provided code snippet into your website before the closing </body> tag.
How to set up Greeting Message and Interactive Options?
Initiating a conversation with AskHandle, users are first greeted with a message. This initial interaction comprises two default components: the greeting message and the interactive options. In this article, we'll guide you through setting up and customizing your greeting message and interactive options to provide a more engaging experience for your users.
What is a Channel?
AskHandle is available on web messenger and WhatsApp. Every plan, by default, comes with a web messenger that can be easily installed on any website. Only paid plans are eligible for the WhatsApp channel. Please contact us directly at if you’d like to have AskHandle on WhatsApp.
What Are Live Chat Capabilities?
AskHandle primarily serves as an automated customer support system, but also offers a live-chat feature for users who prefer human interaction, accessible by toggling off the AI in the Chats section.

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