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Can I include multimedia in my responses?
AskHandle can provide text-based and numerical information as output. However, it does not supply images, videos, or audio files in responses. Instead, AskHandle can provide a URL to the source of any multimedia, allowing users to access multimedia content through the provided link.
Can I use tabular data for AI training?
The most efficient method for handling structured data in tables is to store it in a dedicated Excel or .csv file and then import it into the data source. Although you can incorporate tables into PDF or DOCX files, doing so may lead to inconsistent recognition and less effective response generation.
How to choose the right Data Source Mode for AskHandle?
The Data Source section in the AskHandle dashboard is where you can upload your training materials. Data Source Mode dictates how you'd like AskHandle to engage with your customers upon receiving a question. AskHandle provides three Data Source Modes to select from: General Data, Your Own Data, and Combined Data.
How to clean data for better chatbot recognition?
If you're experiencing issues with AskHandle not answering questions thoroughly after uploading your files, or pasting information in the plain text section, it's likely due to unstructured data within your files or information. Unstructured data can include images, tables, special characters, and extra spaces that may confuse the chatbot. To resolve this, follow our simple data cleaning process outlined below:
How to ensure AskHandle understands your webpage content?
This article outlines a three-step process to enhance the performance of AskHandle AI, when fine-tuning with webpage content. First, we address the potential issues when AskHandle scans webpages, which may include restrictions that hinder content access. Next, we offer a practical solution involving the manual transfer of webpage content to a document and uploading it to AskHandle for better understanding and response accuracy. Finally, we discuss testing AskHandle's comprehension post-upload and provide information on seeking further support if needed.
How to Fine-Tune AskHandle AI Response?
Creating custom responses for your chatbot on the AskHandle dashboard is straightforward. The way your chatbot interacts with your customers largely depends on the content you provide and its structure. This process of training and setting up the chatbot is termed the Fine-Tuning phase. Essentially, it's about teaching the chatbot to provide specific information and communicate in your typical style.

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