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Welcome to the era of Generative AI

Elevate your customer experience and unleash your creativity with generative AI, powered by our fine-tuned Large Language Model (LLM). Designed with prebuilt AI features for effortless integration and use, we stand at the forefront of today's AI. Embrace generative AI and enjoy the future of customer experience.

Automatic AI training
Automatic AI training

Instant training on the information you've imported

Personalized support
Personalized AI experience

Responses are generated directly from your information.

AI response oversight
AI response oversight

Every AI response is scored for truthfulness and relevance

Codeless Retrieval Augmented Generation

Codeless Retrieval Augmented Generation (CRAG) enables you to use your own data as the foundation for AI responses. With CRAG, you can easily import data by uploading text files, inserting web URLs, or adding plain text directly. The system will automatically generate contextually relevant responses to user prompts, ensuring efficient and user-friendly experience.

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Build exceptional products in record time
Power of Artificial Intelligence

Exceptional customer experience day and night

Provide an intuitive customer experience by ensuring that user prompts are addressed instantly with the specific information they need. Simply import data about your company, services, products, or any other information, and your AI will be ready to respond to any prompts your users might have.

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Transform your customer experience with personalized AI

Revolutionize Customer Inquiries with AskHandle

Revolutionize Customer Inquiries with AskHandle

Using AskHandle, the Cog Railway now offers real-time support, effectively managing inquiries and enhancing the customer experience.

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Let’s enjoy the hyper growth

Let’s enjoy the hyper growth

The implementation of AskHandle has improved the customer experience and contributed to the growth of the overall business

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More appointments and more renters

More appointments and more renters

An automated and user-friendly chat experience that has resulted in higher engagement, scheduled tours, and occupancy rates.

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User-friendly and effective

The AI that exceeds your expectations, guaranteed!

Finally, you can rely on AI to effectively resolve customer inquiries and provide relevant information to user prompts, all by utilizing your own data. This will enhance both your organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Generative AI with CRAG

Utilize the capabilities of generative AI with a codeless RAG to create a personalized conversational experience.
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Ready-to-go solution

Start within minutes. Our AI is pretrained to understand more than 90 languages and empathize with users.
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Seamless tech integration

Easily connect your tech stack to streamline operational workflows and enhance customer satisfaction.
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Working with AskHandle solved a huge problem for us. Transitioning from a human-powered to AI-powered information center saved us money and gave us a hands-free alternative to engaging with our web visitors. We love how the answers can evolve over time based on real world experience of our users. The service provided by Nick and his team is outstanding. I work with a lot of vendors and AskHandle stands above the rest. From the initial set up to ongoing customer support, I have found this to be the easiest technical addition to our suite of services. I highly recommend AskHandle for a seamless way to provide excellent customer service while maximizing resources elsewhere.

Mary Berry
VP Communications & Marketing
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