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Codeless RAG uses your specific information to provide accurate responses

Train your chatbot with domain-specific data to offer personalized support

AskHandle AI chatbots
Contextual understanding
Able to comprehend the nuances and details of a conversation, allowing it to provide relevant and accurate responses tailored to the specific context of each customer interaction.
Consistent style
Maintains uniformity in tone, language, and responses across all interactions to provide a seamless and cohesive experience, ensuring clarity, professionalism, and reliability in communication at all times.
Relevant outputs
Responses address the specific customer inquiries, utilizing contextually relevant information to provide accurate and helpful assistance, which enhances the overall user experience and resolution efficiency.

Right answers every time

Support customers with information they need, when they need it

information retrieval
data processing
data upload
response structuring
processing architecture
framework design
data encryption
training mechanism

Better customer support, faster

Make customers happy by instantly resolving their inquiries in a user-friendly manner.

AI support control

Choose the optimal data mode

Unlock the complete potential of traditional retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) without the complexities and barriers of coding or customizations.

Data relevance
Data relevance
No coding required
No coding required
No setup needed
No setup needed
Immediate training
Immediate training
Knowledge base

Unlimited data import

A scalable knowledge base depending on the size of your data. You can use one data source or over 100 data sources to import your data and use it as a source of knowledge for the AI.

Multi-file upload
Multi-file upload
Secure storage
Secure storage
Website data retrieval
Website data retrieval
Seamless data updates
Seamless data updates
Direct the interactions

Setting up AI prompts

Setting up prompts involves creating predefined messages or questions to guide interactions between your chatbot and customers. This process ensures efficient communication, resolves common queries, and maintains a consistent brand voice.

Guided interaction
Guided interaction

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What is Codeless RAG?

First, let's answer what RAG is. Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is a technique that enhances the accuracy and reliability of generative AI outputs by incorporating facts retrieved from external sources. Codeless RAG stands out by leveraging the full capabilities of traditional RAG without the complexities of coding or customization. Organizations can seamlessly integrate their data into AskHandle's data source, allowing the AI to intelligently generate responses based on the provided information.

Connect and extend


The RAG system is pre-configured and requires no customizations or setup from your team. You don't need any technical expertise or knowledge to use it.

Connect and extend

Seamless Data Integration

Data integration with various sources ensures that the AI can access and utilize a wide range of information. This leads to more accurate and contextually relevant responses.

Connect and extend

Easy management

An intuitive interface enables you to manage and update data sources effortlessly. This user-friendly design enhances productivity and eliminates the learning curve.

Connect and extend

Flexibility and scalability

Designed to be easily scalable, it allows you to expand your AI capabilities as needed without major overhauls or additional coding. This flexibility supports growth and adaptation to changing requirements.

Codeless Rapid Application Generation

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